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Sentinel laser diode reliability and burn-in system
Laser Diode Burn In System, 0-2 Amp Diodes
Laser Diode Burn In System, 0.5 to 30 Amp Diodes



ReliaTest System Software

The ReliaTest graphical user interface supervisory software.  Multiple device types and test scenarios are easily configured without complicated programming.

Safe for the Laser and the Operator

  • Utilizes ILX Lightwave laser diode protections; minimizes operational transients and reduces transients from power line burst and surge
  • Programmable ramp on rate to reduce thermal shock
  • Uniform and repeatable thermal control
  • Fault monitoring

VCSEL Validation Testing

For the fast growing VCSEL market, the Sentinel LRS-9434 and LRS-9434SS systems can be utilized for reliability and burn-in testing, with accompanying probe card fixtures.