Blank Filter Holder for Dual-beam Balance

When calibrating a dual-beam spectrophotometer, it is important to establish the same geometry in both the reference and sample beam. We offer a blank filter holder to provide the necessary symmetry.

Ultraviolet and Visible Spectrum Coverage

Our calibrated absorptive neutral density filters provide reference data for visible spectrum calibrations and our calibrated metallic neutral density filters provide data for ultraviolet spectrum calibrations. Together, they cover the range from 250 nm to 635 nm.

Optical Density and Wavelength Standards

We offer calibrated neutral density filters ranging from OD 0.1 to OD 1.0 for optical density calibrations and a Holmium Oxide filter for wavelength calibrations.

Calibrated with NIST Certified Standards

All calibrations are derived from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Material (SRM). SRMs are manufactured by NIST Labs and calibrated using rigorous protocols to insure ultimate accuracy. We use SRMs as reference during our filter calibration process.