Precision Polarization Control

Our broadband polarization rotators provide precise control of the polarization orientation of a laser beam. Unlike λ/2 wave plates, these rotators provide broadband performance with available models covering 400–700 nm and 700–1200 nm. They feature a large 10 mm aperture, wavefront distortion below λ/2, and less than 10 arc sec beam deviation.

High Transmittance for High Power Applications

Polarization rotators are fabricated from two N-BK7 Fresnel Rhombs, which are optically contacted, avoiding the use of cement which would limit power handling capability. The entrance and exit faces are broadband antireflection coated for greater than 98% transmission.

Extremely High Bandwidth

Polarization rotators are based on Fresnel rhombs, which are prisms that behave as quarter waveplates. These prisms do not depend on birefringence, instead they utilize a property of total internal reflection that produces a relative phase change between the s- and p- polarizations. The visible BK-7 Rotators have theoretically better than ±1% change in retardance across the 400-700 nm wavelength range. The IR Rotators have better than ±0.33% change in retardance across the 700-1200 nm wavelength range. This is much less variation than quartz multiple-order waveplates. These rotators can also handle much higher beam intensity compared with achromatic zero order waveplates.