Ideal for Driving Capacitive Loads

The Model 3211 incorporates high slew rate, high voltage operational amplifier technology to give you extremely precise linear operation over a wide range of input voltages and frequencies. The ±200 V output will swing our broadband EOMs through 180° of phase shift with bandwidths up to 0.6 MHz. It can drive piezo-electric transducers (PZT) that have capacitive loads from 0–100 nF. The maximum load for a 0.5-MHz bandwidth is 100 pF.

User Friendly Operation

The front panel controls include a DC offset that sets the output level anywhere from –200 V to +200 V, allowing an EOM to be biased for optimum linearity without additional components. Two inputs allow signals from separate sources to be summed and amplified. Two bias outputs of +200 V and –200 V allow single polarity operation for piezoelectric transducers and other components. A monitor output provides 1/30 of the output voltage for display on an oscilloscope.