• Capacity
    128 Devices
  • Diode Temperature Range
    25 - 150°C
  • Control Loop
  • Compliance Voltage
    3 VDC typical, 5 VDC available
  • Drive Type
    Series or Parallel
  • Maximum Current
    500 mA
  • Stability
    ±0.5 mA
  • Diode Temperature Accuracy
  • Temperature Stability
  • Dimensions
    6" x 26.5" x 26.5"
  • Device Type
    TO-Can, TOSA, CoC, Custom
  • Power Requirements
    100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10A
  • Output Current Accuracy
    ±0.5 mA


Entry With The Sentry

Ideal for low level production and late stage R&D applications with potential for future expansion.

Safe for the Laser and the Operator

  • Utilizes ILX Lightwave laser diode protections; minimizes operational transients and reduces transients from power line burst and surge
  • Programmable ramp on rate to reduce thermal shock
  • Uniform and repeatable thermal control
  • Fault monitoring

VCSEL Validation Testing

For the fast growing VCSEL market, the Sentinel LRS-9434 and LRS-9434SS systems can be utilized for reliability and burn-in testing, with accompanying probe card fixtures.