Technical Notes

Reliable Spectroradiometry

Reliable spectroradiometry takes a lifetime of work and attention to master. Unreliable spectroradiometry is much easier to accomplish1 all it takes is missing a single critical point, …


Light Collection and Systems Throughput

This discussion is restricted to the general use of Incoherent Light Sources, such as arc lamp or quartz tungsten halogen sources. Diffraction and coherent effects are excluded. The …

Selection Guides

Incoherent Light Source Guide

Newport's Oriel® Instruments light source offerings are varied and significant. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best system for your application. For light source …

Technical Notes

Introduction to FTIR Spectroscopy

An FT-IR Spectrometer is an instrument which acquires broadband NIR to FIR spectra. Unlike a dispersive instrument, i.e. grating monochromator or spectrograph, FT-IR Spectrometers collect …


Getting Light into a Monochromator

In this section we give a brief introduction to getting light into a monochromator, and how much you can expect to get out. While the emphasis is on coupling Oriel Light Sources to …


Introduction to Solar Radiation

Radiation from the sun sustains life on earth and determines climate. The energy flow within the sun results in a surface temperature of around 5800 K, so the spectrum of the radiation …


Calculating Output Power

You can estimate the power in the collimated beams* at any wavelength or in any wavelength range from our Series Q, Apex, or Research Lamp Housings with any of our CW and pulsed arc, …


Resolution of Monochromators and Spectrographs

Gratings are available in various groove densities (i.e. lines/mm). Higher groove densities give higher reciprocal dispersion and therefore higher resolution. The grating dispersion …

Technical Notes

Simulation of Solar Irradiation

Oriel® Solar Simulators provide the closest spectral match to solar spectra available from any artificial source. The match is not exact, but better than needed for many applications. …


Oriel Instruments

Oriel products and solutions represent leading instruments, such as light sources covering a broad range from UV to IR, pulsed or continuous, and low to high power.

Technical Notes

Solar Simulator Standards

A solar simulator is a light source that approximates the illumination of natural sunlight. The ability of a solar simulator to approximate natural sunlight is based on three criteria: …

Technical Notes

Information on Spectral Irradiance Data

The radiometric data shown at the end of this section was measured in our Standards Laboratory. The wavelength calibrations are based on our spectral calibration lamps. Irradiance data …


Laws of Radiation

Everything radiates and absorbs electro-magnetic radiation. Many important radiation laws are based on the performance of a perfect steady state emitter called a blackbody or full radiator. …

Technical Notes

Optical Radiation Terminology and Units

There are many systems of units for optical radiation. In this tutorial, we try to adhere to the internationally agreed CIE system. The CIE system fits well with the SI system of units. …

Technical Notes

Arc Lamp Spectral Irradiance Data

Spectral irradiance data is shown below for our Arc Lamps. You can click on the curve for a larger image, or on a model number for complete information on a specific arc lamp. Spectral …

Technical Notes

Optical Detection Systems

In a typical photo-research system, a detector measures the radiant intensity used to evoke photo-response in a sample or the radiant intensity produced by the sample in response to …

Technical Notes

Oriel® Calibration Light Sources

The most accurate and economical method of wavelength calibration is the spectral calibration lamp. We offer lamps to cover wavelengths from below 185 nm to over 2.5 µm. Be sure to …

Technical Notes

Solar Simulator Definitions of Characteristics

This glossary briefly defines the terms and units most frequently used in technical discussions around solar simulation.

Technical Notes

Solar Simulator Sample Calculations

The spectral irradiance at any wavelength, Eλ, is in units of watts per square meter per nm (W m-2 nm-1). The value is a measure of the flux per nm at the specified wavelength incident …

Technical Notes

LEDs Drive the Latest Innovation in Solar Simulator Technology

Newport's PZA Ultra-High Resolution Actuator provides 12.5 mm travel with 50 N load capacity.

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