Integrity VCS™ Instrumentation Shelf

The Integrity VCS™ frame mounted instrumentation shelf provides storage space for instruments, power supplies, and other accessories. The system is available in five sizes: 6 ft., 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft. and 10 ft. lengths. Simply match the shelf length to the length of your optical table. Each shelf system comes complete with two frame mounted vertical supports, an 15.5 in. wide adjustable upper shelf made of particle board, and aluminum angled extrusions that provide a shelf lip to prevent instrumentation from accidentally falling off the shelf. This lip reduces the useable width to approximately 15 inches. The shelf can be mounted to either the top or bottom side braces for different shelf heights. Optional INT-PS Series universal power strips are available for many countries.

Integrity overhead shelf mounted in to an Integrity VCS System in the lower position.

OTS™ Overhead Shelf

OTS™ overhead shelf is integrated with the OTS frame, and has a 23.5 inch deep surface and 300 lb. load capacity. It is designed with unique front and rear edge guards that prevent expensive instruments from accidentally falling onto the table and either causing equipment damage or creating a potentially dangerous laser safety issue. The shelf features 24 NEMA type electrical outlets, 12 in the front and rear. Newport also offers OTSE (overhead shelf without power outlets) for applications that may be sensitive to electrical fields and for customers requiring international configuration. OTSE shelf systems can be field upgraded to include integrated, country specific electrical outlets using ATSE-PS electrical power strip upgrade kits. Both OTS and OTSE overhead shelves are also compatible with frame of Integrity VCS table system.