Mirror Mount Guide

Find Mirror Mounts For Virtually Any Application

We offer the widest range of off the shelf Mirror Mounts from low cost entry level to the highest performing, most stable mounts available anywhere. Use the selection guide below to find exactly what you need.

Mirror Mount Basics

An optical mirror mount is used in optics research to hold a mirror in a precise position, and allow for tip and tilt to be adjusted in controlled amounts. Try our Optical Mirror Mount Technology Guide for more information. For mirror mounts with automated adjustments we recommend our Motorized Optical Mounts.

Choose by Mirror Diameter

A good place to start when narrowing your selection of Optical Mirror Mounts is with the size of the mirror or optic used in your your application.

0.5 in. (12.7 mm) Diameter 1.0 in. (25.4 mm) Diameter 2.0 in. (50.8 mm) Diameter 3.0 in. (76.2 mm) and Larger Diameters
U50-A U100-A3H-NL U200-A3H U300-A3K

Mirror Mount Categories

M Series Basic Research
Φ1.0-, 2.0-in.
ULTIMA™ Clear Edge
Φ1.0-, (30 mm), 2.0-, 3.0-in.
Top Adjust
Φ0.5-, 1.0-, 2.0-in.
Φ1.0-, 2.0-in.
M1 Mount-M1-new Clear Edge Mirror Mounts-new Top Adjust Mirror Mounts Low Thermal Drift Mounts-new
0.75-, 1.0-, 2.0-, 2.75-in.
Laser Clean
Φ0.5-, 1.0-in.
Low Wavefront Distortion
Φ0.5-, 1.0-, 2.0-, 3.0-, 4.0-in.
Φ0.5-, 0.75-, 1.0-in.
Platform Mounts Clean and Vacuum Mounts Low Distortion Mirror Mounts-new Industrial Mirror Mounts
Space Saving
Φ0.5-, 1.0-in.
Φ0.5-, 1.0-, 2.0-in.
Φ0.5-, 1.0-, 2.0-, 3.0-, 6.0-, 8.0-in.
Φ0.5-, 1.0-, 2.0-in.
Space Savings Mirror Mounts Corner Mirror Mounts Gimbal Mounts OM-upa_a1_45d1_ch1-S