Linear Translation Stage Guide

Precision Linear Positioning Solutions for over 50 Years

With Newport's extensive selection of high quality manual Manual Linear Stages and modular accessories, we have the solution to virtually any required precision motion or adjustment need.

Linear Translation Stage Basics

A linear translation stage is used to precisely position an object along a single axis. Linear stages include a moving platform and stationary base joined by a bearing system. Position is controlled with a precision linear actuator like an adjustment screw, micrometer head, or motorized actuator. Try our Linear Translation Stage Technology Guide for more information. For applications requiring long travel, heavy loads, or high speeds we recommend our Motorized Linear Stages.

Choose Your Travel Requirements

< 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) 1.0 in. (25.4 mm) > 1.0 in. (25.4 mm)
UMR3.5 with mic M-UMR5.16 UMR5.25 M-UMR8.51

Choose Your Axes of Travel

Another starting point for linear stage selection is the number of axes required. For a single axis of horizontal linear travel choose the X configuration. Most X type stages are modular and can also be configured for multi-axis travel by stacking additional stages. We also offer linear translation stages preconfigured for XY, XZ, and XYZ multi-axis travel. For pure vertical travel applications choose the Z configuration or try one of our Vertical Positioners.

462-X-M M-462-XY-M 462-XYZ-M 462-Z-M

Popular Stainless Steel and Steel Translation Stage Families

Stainless Steel construction is preferred for applications requiring high stability and rigidity. A selection of our popular product families is shown below. Vacuum compatible versions are also available.

UMR Precision, Double Row Ball Bearing Linear Stages 562 ULTRAlign Precision Multi-Axis Positioning Stages 461/462 ULTRAlign Precision Linear Stages SDS Precision, Low Profile, Ball Bearing Linear Stages Crossed-Roller Bearing Translation Stages Gothic Arch Bearing Translation Stages
03-294B-S 03-302-S 03-301-S OM-SDS_Series-S 9066_withbaseplate 16898_16839

Popular Aluminum Translation Stage Families

Annodized Aluminum construction is a lower cost and lighter weight option for applications not requiring the stability and rigitity of Stainless Steel. A selection of our popular Aluminum translation stage families is shown below.

423 Extended Range Ball Bearing Linear Stages 401/406 High Performance, Large Platform, Two Axis Linear Stages 460A Quick-Mount Linear Stages 460P Series Peg-Joining Linear Stages Extended Platform Crossed-Roller Bearing Stages 411/422 Miniature Ball Bearing Linear Stages
03-284-S 03-282-S 03-288-S 03-394-S 03-292-S 03-285-S
MS Miniature Linear Stages DS Compact Dovetail Linear Stages MT Miniature Dovetail Linear Stages 450A Compact Ball Bearing Linear Stage Triple-Divide Linear Translation Stages TSX Fast-Drive Dovetail Linear Stages
OM-ms_series-S 03-583-S 03-269-S 450A 9064xyz TSX-1D