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Ophir Optronics

Newport's Ophir Optronics Division, established in 1976, is a global leader in precision IR optics, laser measurement instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment. The division is comprised of three groups which develop, manufacture and market top quality products using the most advanced technologies.

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Ophir Photonics Group Products

The Ophir Photonics Group is the largest supplier of laser power and energy meters, Spiricon and Photon laser beam profilers and goniometers. The Group's modular and customized solutions serve industrial, medical and research markets throughout the world.

Ophir Infrared Optics Group Products

The Ophir Infrared Optics Group designs and produces a full range of high performance optical elements and lenses for the defense, security and commercial markets.

Ophir CO2 Optics Group Products

The Ophir COLaser Optics Group is the world’s second largest OEM
CO2 laser optics supplier, bringing innovation at ultra-competitive prices to CO2 laser lenses and mirrors.

Optimet Products

Optimet is a provider of non-contact measurement sensors and scanners, for distance, profiles and three dimensional measurements. Optimet solutions serve the dental CAD/CAM, in-process inspection, quality control in aerospace, automotive, steel, and flat panel display markets.