New Focus Tunable Diode Lasers and Amplifiers

All New Focus tunable diode lasers are single mode, narrow linewidth, and mode-hop-free over the specified tuning ranges, even over 10s of nanometers. Mode-hop-free performance is accomplished by utilizing the Littman-Metcalf and Littrow external cavity designs. To ensure high coherence and single mode performance, we anti-reflection (AR) coat the diodes.

Mode-Hop-Free Tunability Available Wavelengths Series Applications
Swept Wavelength Wide Tuning 835-1630 nm Venturi_front TLB-6600 Venturi™ Swept-Wavelength Tunable Lasers Brand-NewFocus-wBkgrd

• Fiber-Bragg sensing
• Spectroscopy
• Telecom test and measurement
• Metrology
835-1630 nm TLM8700_ruler_1 TLM-8700 OEM Tunable Laser Modules
Wide and Fine Tuning 633-1630 nm TLB-6700 with laser TLB-6700 Velocity™ Widely Tunable Lasers • Microcavity Resonators
• Nitrogen Vacancy Centers (NV-Centers)
• Spectroscopy
• Sensing
• Metrology
• Laser Cooling
392-867 nm TLB-6800-LN angle TLB-7100 Vantage™ Tunable Diode Laser
Fine Tuning 455-1630 nm Vortex Plus with TLB-6800-LN TLB-6800 Vortex™ Plus Tunable Lasers • Atomic clocks
• Atomic cooling, trapping, and Bose-Einstein Condensates
• Interferometry
• Metrology
• Laser Seeding
• Laser Cooling
Fixed Wavelength 755-920 nm TA-7600-LN with TA7600 TA-7600 VAMP™ Tapered Semiconductor Amplifiers • CW laser source amplification
633-1610 nm SWL outline-faded cable 2008 SWL-7500 Single Wavelength Diode Lasers • Raman spectroscopy
• Interferometry
• Terahertz generation
• Data encryption
Lockbox Compatibility
LB1005 High-Speed Servo Controller Model LB1005 TLB-6800 Vortex Plus, TLB-6900 Vortex II, TLB-6700 Velocity
TLB-6300 Velocity, TLB-7000 Stablewave, TLB-6000 Vortex
TLB-7100 Vantage
Controllers Compatibility
TLB-6700 TLB-6700-LN Tunable Laser Controller TLB-6800 Vortex Plus, TLB-6700 Velocity
TLB-6800-LN-alone TLB-6800-LN Tunable Laser Controller TLB-6800 Vortex Plus, TLB-7100 Vantage
Legacy Tunable Lasers
NF-Vtx_II TLB-6900 Vortex™ II Tunable Lasers
TLB_6300-LN_00016 TLB-6300 Velocity™ Widely Tunable Lasers
DSC_2970 TLB-7000 StableWave™ Tunable Lasers
6000Vortex_front TLB-6000 Vortex™ II Tunable Laser Controller

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