Photovoltaics Manufacturing

At Newport we have a proud history of partnering with OEMs, integrators, manufacturers and researchers, working together to make great advancements in the photovoltaic industry. We continually take a proactive role through investment, research and partnership to design and deliver new solutions to meet the needs of a growing market. From early-stage process development to full scale mass production, Newport can help you save both time and money.

Introducing Newport’s Solutions for Photovoltaic Manufacturing

Integrated Manufacturing Systems & Services for Thin Film PV

Newport offers a variety of laser based processing tools for thin-film PV modules, based on amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium teluride (CdTe), copper-indium-diselenide (CIS), or copper-indium-gallium-diselenide (CIGS) technologies.
The SolaryX™ Laser Scribing System family is designed to deliver thin-film processing techniques that are fast, scaleable, and accurate from the micrometer down to the nanometer range – over a broad range of panel sizes. Three scribe platforms are available, optimized for R&D, Process Development and Mass Production needs.
The SolaryX Edge™ laser edge deletion tool uses high-power infrared lasers to remove all coatings down to the glass substrate on full-size thin-film PV panels, in a mass production environment.

SolaryX 480
Micromachining Workcell
SolaryX II
Laser Scribe Tool
SolaryX Edge
Laser Edge Deletion Tool
480 long SolaryX-II_system SolaryX_Edge-S
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All SolaryX platforms are configurable with different lasers and optical systems to address a broad range of materials, panel handling, and processing requirements.

SolaryX™ 480

The SolaryX 480 is a flexible, manual load laser micromachining workcell. The flexible system can perform various micromachining tasks on thin film panels and crystalline silicon cells. As the demand for solar generated energy increases, so does the need for cost effective manufacturing solutions. Newport offers a broad range of laser-based systems for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon cells. By selecting Newport to be your partner, you will benefit from our industry leading lasers, optics and precision motion products and application knowledge, as well as our expertise in providing and supporting complex integrated solutions and products.

For more detailed information, visit SolaryX™ 480 Laser Micromachining Workcell.

480 long

SolaryX 480 Laser Scribing System

SolaryX II, P1/P2/P3 Laser Scribe Systems

The SolaryX II is a laser patterning tool for P1/P2/P3 layer scribing of thin film panels. The system automatically loads the glass, aligns via machine vision the glass panel or previous scribe line, indexes the glass through the process area where the glass is scribed with multiple laser beams and unloads the glass after processing is complete.

For more detailed information, visit SolaryX II, P1/P2/P3 Laser Scribe Systems.

Click here for the SolaryX Laser Scribe System Datasheet.


SolaryX II Laser Scribing System

SolaryX™ Laser Edge Delete System

This innovative laser edge deletion system delivers the best solution for fast, effective and efficient removal of all coatings on thin film solar panels. Using multiple pulsed, high-power IR lasers, the systems's key attributes are high throughput with short takt times, low cost of ownership, high mean time between failure (MTBF). Featuring an extremely small footprint of 1.8x2.5m, the system can process glass panels up to a size of 1100x1400mm.

Click here to view SolaryX Laser Edge Datasheet

For more detailed information on the web product page, visit SolaryX, Laser Edge Delete Systems.


SolaryX™ Laser Edge Delete System

Process Development

Every Newport platform is backed by an extensive process-development engineering capability that ensures your success. Laser scribing and laser edge deletion processes are extensively validated on customer provided samples prior to selecting the final laser and system configurations. Our Materials Processing and Applications Laboratories, located in Santa Clara, and California, combine our full range of laser technologies with high-accuracy, high-throughput motion control platforms to help you evaluate and refine process parameters for nearly any material or process. This critical service capability enables us to assure a complete process result - before you buy.

SolaryX-IITop view_P13D_P1

Left to right: P2 thin film scriber, Laser scribe line detail, 3D Metrology

Multi-Channel, Automated PV I-V Test Station

Newport's Multi-Channel Solar I-V Test Station is suitable for automated characterization of up to 16 test cells of a solar cell test coupon. The system uses the Newport Oriel® Sol3A™ Class 'AAA' solar simulator for uniform and stable illumination of a 6 x 6 inch area, with an NREL calibrated reference cell used to adjust the irradiance level to 1 Sun (1kW/m2). Reported data for preset levels of simulated solar illumination include Voc (V), Isc (A), Jsc (mA/cm2), Imax (A), Vmax (V), Pmax (mW), fill factor (%), efficiency (%), resistance (ohms) at Voc, and resistance (ohms) at Isc. Test stations for single and tandem junction cells are available.

Click here to view Multi-Channel Solar I-V Test Station Datasheet


Left to right: Photovoltaic Workstations, PV Workstation (reference cell detail)

Lasers for Scribing of Thin-Film PV Panels

Newport's Spectra-Physics best-in-class lasers have fueled the photovoltaic industry for over a decade. Whatever your material processing or throughput requirements, we have the right tool for you with:

  • Wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm
  • Average power from 0-34 W
  • Pulse widths ranging from 6 ns to 70 ns
  • Global training, service, and support

Our lasers' robust product reliability has kept them the tool of choice for high throughput, 24/7 uptime applications. For further information on PV lasers, visit
These latest generation of Q-switched diode-pumped solid state lasers answer the needs of higher throughput and uptime at a lower cost.

SP-Explorer_532_green-SHIPPO_532 white background
Explorer 532 nm DPSS Lasers HIPPO Mid-Power Lasers

Motion Control Platforms for Processing of PV Panel

Our world-leading motion control stages serve as the basis for our processing platforms, and are also available in stand-alone or customized configurations. Our decades of experience deploying these platforms into the demanding semiconductor manufacturing market assure you a high-performance, cost-effective and reliable solution.


Left to right: HybrYX™ XY Hybrid Air Bearing Stage, HybrYX™ G5 Positioning Stage, IMS-LM Split-Gantry Positioning System

Oriel® Solar Simulators and Measurement Systems

For more than 40 years, Oriel Solar Simulators have been providing customers with the closest spectral match to solar radiation. Oriel now offers Class AAA models in sizes from 2x2 inch (51 x 51mm) through 12x12 inch (300 x 300mm) certified to IEC, JIS and ASTM guidelines that deliver the performance in solar illumination you need for the most demanding applications. For those applications that do not require such industry leading performance, Class ABA, ABB, and unclassified systems are also available.
The Oriel see PVIV Test Solutions comprises a complete I-V measurement solution including sophisticated IV measurement software, various models of sample holders including temperature controlled vacuum chuck, and electrical probing solutions that works with any Oriel Solar Simulator. Oriel’s Solar Test software is a makes this solution easy to configure, adapt or integrate into other test set-ups.
Oriel offers a variety of solutions for measurement of Quantum Efficiency. From components to build a custom design through the see QE/IPCE Measurement Kit to the turn-key IQE-200 see Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, Oriel® IQE-200™ models featuring simultaneous measurement of external quantum efficiency (EQE) and internal quantum efficiency (IQE), our QE measurement solutions are designed to help the researcher perform these tests on virtually any photon-to-charge converting device. Combining a pre-engineered selection of Newport and Oriel products, these devices offer flexibility, versatility, and repeatability while saving you time in designing and setting up your test protocols.

PVIV_MainPVIV-1A IV TestNew_IQE_6960_NewSW12x12_updateLS-QE_System1-S no laptop

Left to right: IQE-200 (IQE-AC-QTH-EXT1), Oriel Sol3A 12x12 (300 x 300mm) Solar Simulators (94123A), Oriel QE/IPCE Measurement Kit (QE-PV-SI)

For photovoltaic cell applications, the Oriel QE measurement products are designed for use with PV cells of all types including single, tandem and multi junction Si based cells, thin film solar cells on any substrate including CIGs, CdTe, and dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC). Combining a pre-engineered selection of Newport and Oriel products, these kits offer flexibility, versatility, and repeatability while saving you time in designing and setting up your test protocols.
IV test stations and QE systems can be configured with accessories for temperature controlled sample handling, electrical probing, light and/or voltage biasing, stages and controllers for mapping and calibrated reference cells with meters, and Spectrometers. Spectroscopy Instruments can help you get up an running quickly.
If you don’t see exactly the right solution for your application please contact a sales engineer and we will be happy to have our engineering team discuss your custom needs.

Calibration and Certification Services for PV Cells

The Newport Technology & Applications Center's Photovoltaic (TAC-PV) Lab is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to ISO/IEC 17025. Staffed with trained specialists and housed with new equipments, this state-of-the-art facility has opened its door for prototype PV device performance measurements and/or for PV cell calibration and certification.
In addition to the TAC-PV Lab's dedicated facility for PV cell calibration, Newport's Technology and Application Center (TAC) is equipped with modern ultrafast lasers, spectroscopy and imaging instruments that enable us to perform many advanced studies including transient absorption, pump-probe, non-linear ultrafast spectroscopy, multiphoton imaging, and other material characterization techniques. These tools and techniques have allowed us to understand the properties of materials used in photovoltaic cells at molecular and atomic level.
Visit our see PV Cell Calibration and Certification Services page or call us to discuss your application and to gain access to this very unique service

Products for Advanced R&D in Photovoltaics

Newport also offers the industry's broadest range of standard photonics products for both basic and applied research and development in PV. This includes the full spectrum of R&D-Lab equipment; from vibration control tables, to a wide variety of motion control, optics and opto-mech, to lasers, laser diodes and photonics instruments. With over 15,000 products, we can provide the basic tools you need to do virtually any optics-based research!


Left to right: Optical Power and Energy Meters, XPS Universal Motion Controller

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