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The Michelson Interferometer Experimental Setup


Application Notes

Albert A. Michelson won the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his optical precision instruments and the spectroscopic and metrological investigations carried out with their aid.” One of his instruments was the Michelson interferometer. The Michelson i...

Custom Component Solutions

If one of Newport's thousands of standard products does not quite match your requirements, our experienced engineering team will design what you need. The relationship does not stop at just designing your custom component. Newport can use our extensi...

Optical Mirror Mount Guide


Selection Guides

We offer the widest range of off the shelf Mirror Mounts from low cost entry level to the highest performing, most stable mounts available anywhere. Use the selection guide below to find exactly what you need.

Optical Mirror Mount Technology Guide


Technical Notes

An Optical Mirror Mount is a device used in optics research that securely holds a mirror in place while allowing for precision tip and tilt adjustment. Due to the sensitive nature of optics research, optical mirror mounts are typically mounted to an ...

Optical Mirror Mounts Infographic


Technical Notes

Mirror mounts are sophisticated devices used to hold and control an Optical Mirror's position in optics research. There are literally hundreds of variations to choose from. Use our infographic to understand the basic varieties available and important...

Motorized Actuator Compatibility with Manual Adjustment Mirror Mounts


Technical Notes

This note details the compatibility of Newport motorized actuators with our manually adjusted mirror mounts.

Advantages of New Focus Mirror Mounts - Technical Note


Technical Notes

When we design our mirror mounts, we strive to make mounts that provide precision adjustments that really stay put. To give you the ultimate in precision, one of our design criteria is to approach the textbook definition of kinematic—where there exis...

Thermal Performance of Mirror Mounts


Technical Notes

Whether you are a laboratory researcher or an optical-equipment manufacturer, you’ll be concerned with how temperature changes affect your optical system. A stable mount will lead to improved optical-system performance as the ambient temperature chan...

Optics Cage Plus - Optical Alignment in a Snap



An introduction to Newport's new OpticsCage+™ demonstrating its unique Alignment in a Snap Feature.
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