Piezo Fine Tuning and Manual Coarse Tuning to Access Entire Diode Gain Band

Each Vantage laser is optimized to a user specified wavelength to provide top performance and wide mode-hop-free piezo tuning. In addition, we offer the ability to manually coarse tune the laser to another wavelengths within the entire specified diode gain band. The tuning arm window allows you to effortlessly tune to your desired wavelength.

Model TLB-7115-01 Tuning Curve
Measured using a wavemeter with 1 pm resolution. Laser is free-running.

Low Noise, High Stability

Precise temperature control of the laser cavity and diode allow us to reduce wavelength drift and power fluctuations. We have incorporated our unique magnetic dampening to minimize frequency jitter and drift. The accompanying TLB-6800-LN Tunable Laser Controller delivers high current with very low noise. All these combined allow us to guarantee very narrow linewidths of less than 300 kHz measured over 50 milliseconds.

Exotic Wavelengths

The Littrow cavity design of the Vantage lasers allows us to offer systems covering exotic, uncommon diode wavelengths such as those in the blue. Contact Newport Sales for more information regarding custom wavelengths.

Computer Control and LabVIEW™ Support

The Vantage laser comes standard with our new premium low noise TLB-6800-LN controller with head recognition to automatically set the best diode temperature for the individual laser as well as a current upper limit to protect the diode from damage. The TLB-6800-LN includes an internal function generator, variable piezo gain, USB and RS232 communication, feed forward capability, and intuitive digital interface with real buttons to make your lab life easier. The TLB-6800-LN controller comes with both USB and RS-232 interfaces for optional remote control through a computer. We include a Windows application for plug-and-play control as well as Windows DLL and LabVIEW™ VI samples for greater programming flexibility.