Sample UV Beams

In a UV beam sampler, percentage of reflected light is determined by the Fresnel reflection from a single surface. At the nominal 45° AIO the beam sampler reflects approximately 10% and 1% for s- and p- polarizations, respectively. For measuring beam power, the beam sampler should be oriented such that the laser is p-polarized. This choice will maximize transmitted power and attenuate power incident on the detector.

UV Fused Silica for UV & Broadband Applications

UV Grade Fused Silica is synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide of extremely high purity providing maximum transmission from 195 to 2100 nm. This non-crystalline, colorless silica glass combines a very low thermal expansion coefficient with good optical qualities, and excellent transmittance in the ultraviolet region. Transmission and homogeneity exceed those of crystalline quartz without the problems of orientation and temperature instability inherent in the crystalline form. It will not fluoresce under UV light and is resistant to radiation. For high-energy applications, the extreme purity of fused silica eliminates microscopic defect sites that could lead to laser damage.