Comprehensive Workbook Included

Newport’s informative Fiber Optics Project Workbook (FKP-TEXT-A) includes a tutorial introduction to fiber optics principles and thorough descriptions of each project. You will find comprehensive, clearly written discussions of fundamental fiber properties and applications. Each project includes step-by-step instructions, illustrated discussions of background and theory, and references for further study.

All Equipment is Included

All the essential equipment is provided: lasers, positioners, fibers and tools. The kit provides a good foundation for a modern fiber optics laboratory. These kits come standard with Newport's 1918-R Power Meter, and 818 series detectors. Choose the -NN versions if you already have the required power meters and detectors for the projects. An optical breadboard is sold separately.

Developed by Technical Staff and Educators

Developed by Newport’s technical staff working with professional educators, it provides hands-on experience in various fiber optic topics such as optical fiber communication and sensing.

Modular Projects

Its flexible, modular approach makes it ideal both as an elective course for students and as an independent study program for skilled technicians and engineers.

Select Project Subsets Available

The kits are also available in application-specific subsets. The Introductory Kit (FKP-INT) includes projects 1 & 3. The Communications Kit (FKP-COM) includes projects 5, 8 and part of 7.