Guarantees Critical Alignment of Complex Systems

The GuideStar II system compensates for both beam pointing and position drift. The system is based on Picomotor actuated mirrors which provide high-precision control with outstanding intrinsic stability. Two miniature cameras provide complete position, pointing, and profile information, while dedicated software implements a user-friendly, intelligent control algorithm that keeps the beam’s four degrees of freedom precisely locked. The position data is fed back to the mirror using our patented control algorithm, the only technique that completely corrects the laser beam position in both X and Y and the beam rotation about both X and Y.

Convenient GUI for Simple Operation

The controller connects to the user’s host computer via USB. And the host computer runs the GuideStar II software which is user-friendly and conveniently permits full beam profiles and beam position data which can be tracked, stored, and analyzed. An easy set-up menu guides new users through the installation. Simple settings menus allow complete control of a wide range of camera and beam stabilization parameters including: 1000:1 dynamic camera exposure time, loop gain to optimize performance of the control loop, and complete control of target size and location for each camera.

GuideStar II System Components

The GuideStar II requires one model 8783 Controller, two model 8784 Camera Sensors, and two model 8807 Picomotor Mirror Mounts. This system is also compatible with other Picomotor Mirror Mounts that you may already have including models 8809, 8812, 8816, 8821, 8822, 8823, 8824, 8852, 8885, 8886 and 8887.  Note that some mounts require the 8725 adapter.

GuideStar II Installation Guide

Watch our YouTube video to see how to set-up and use the GuideStar II system.

Trigger Kit for Lower Laser Repetition Rates

We offer the 8783-T trigger kit which allows the GuideStar II system to be used to stabilize lasers with repetition rates <500 Hz.