Front Panel Interface Provides Simple Operation

The front-panel interface features a bright vacuum fluorescent display making the information readable from almost any angle. You can easily monitor the operations of up to four channels at a time. Simple and intuitive menus, supported by screen-specific soft-keys, allow you to quickly configure and operate each channel. Menu depths have been intentionally limited to keep the front-panel operation concise, while more sophisticated operations are reserved for the GPIB interface. Setpoints and other values can be entered through your choice of numeric keypad entry, up-down arrow keys, or a rotary adjustment knob.

Powerful GPIB Interface Offers Robust, Automated Control

A powerful processor platform drives the LDC-3908 8 Channel Laser Diode Controller. When coupled with GPIB technology from National Instruments’ HS488 TNT chipset, you get all the processing capability needed for mission-critical production testing. With microprocessors on each module, the mainframe engine manages 8 independent control channels quickly and reliably. Free LabVIEW™ instrument drivers are available upon request.

High Performance Modules Support Future System Expansion

Designed to provide the cleanest, safest power available for laser diode control, each module’s control functions are handled locally and communicated quickly to the host processor. On-board intelligence simplifies future addition of modules since all operational and calibration data is stored in the module. Simply plug in your new module and power up the system. Your mainframe never needs to leave the rack. This simplicity, coupled with low noise, high stability outputs, and state-of-the-art laser diode protection equals ultimate performance. Smart modules include controller modules with up to 1.5 A of laser current source and 9 W of TEC control, dual current source modules with two isolated currents of up to 1 A, a dual 9W TEC module, a 3A laser current module, and a 3 A 24 W TEC module.

State-of-the-Art Current Source Design Brings New Levels of Performance

This new current source topology uses an innovative, proprietary control loop and incorporates the latest techniques for signal filtering and circuit board shielding. These advancements provide unbeatable stability and unparalleled noise performance, ideal for the most demanding production test applications. This design also incorporates adjustable compliance voltage and faster shutoff, helping prevent dangerous "reconnect" transients that can occur from intermittent connections between the controller and your laser diode. This new level of protection adds to our proven list of protection features: independent current limits, output shorting circuits, and a slow start turn-on feature.

New Capabilities from the Flexible Current Source You Trust

Operational modes including constant current, constant current high-bandwidth, or constant optical power are selectable from the front panel or via the GPIB interface. Measurement of your laser diode’s forward voltage is possible with 4-wire accuracy, which can be helpful in production environments where longer cable runs are common. A single, rear-panel modulation port* can individually enable direct modulation of each channel’s laser current. This current source design supports modulation bandwidths of up to 1.2MHz (small signal), achieving the highest direct modulation levels available today. Modules also include reverse photodiode bias capabilities, especially important for telecom wavelength devices.

*If interested in individual modulation, contact an ILX Sales Engineer for details.

High-Stability TEC Control Keeps Your Device Temperature in Check

Equipped with a smart integrator control loop and an expanded gain setting range, the temperature control circuits optimize settling times. These modules also provide voltage measurement of your TEC and allow internal selection of thermistor current ranges via front-panel or GPIB. Achieve unparalleled temperature stabilities with ultra-stable design topology and low noise bipolar output stages.

Flexible Control Over a Wide Range of Applications

By combining true modularity with high channel density, the LDC-3908 easily grows with your applications. When coupled with our 16-channel mounting tray, this controller also serves as a cost effective DWDM optical source set. Simply mount your choice of WDM DFB laser diodes in the mounting tray, connect to the controller, and you’ll have full control over 8 WDM signal sources at a time. If your specified test wavelengths change, simply drop in new DFB laser diodes. For even higher channel counts, add another controller and mounting tray to your rack. If your device drive specifications change, look to ILX Lightwave for new modules that can be easily added to your system in the future.

Protect Your Investment with the Leader in Laser Diode Protection

The LDC-3908 8 Channel Controller provides all of ILX Lightwave’s proven laser protection features like independent current limits, slow-start turn-on circuits, and isolated power supplies. The adjustable compliance voltage capability brings even greater levels of protection to your devices. Designed for time critical production test needs, the LDC-3908 will satisfy your test requirements with fast, reliable, and secure laser diode control.

Benchtop or Rackmount Operation

Handles on the front panel and flip-up feet on the bottom facilitate bench-top use, while flanges facilitate installation into standard 19 inch instrument racks.