Table and Breadboard Configurator
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Step1: Select Product

  Select Breadboard, Optical Table or Doubled Tables
Isolators or support legs must be purchased separately

This online Optical Table and Breadboard Estimator is being offered by Newport to allow you to obtain a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate for optical tables, doubled-optical tables and optical breadboards of various performance grades based on your dimensional requirements and optional custom features, such as access holes, laser shelves and microlocks. The estimator provides a visual representation of the product as you enter length and width dimensions, and add access hole and microlock locations. The final configuration image is included in the ROM, along with the dimensions and optional features, with pricing and lead-time estimates. If your configuration requires customization, Newport will provide you with a ROM document at the email address you provide or we may contact you directly.

The ROM estimate generated through this Estimator Tool will be based upon the Newport products, pre-defined custom configuration options and ship-to location selected by the user in the Estimator Tool. The pricing reflected in the ROM estimate is an estimate provided for budgetary purposes only. This ROM does not include any supports, isolators or legs. Those items must be purchased separately. The ROM estimate does not constitute a valid quotation or offer for sale by Newport. Actual pricing may vary depending upon exact product requirements, ship-to location and other relevant information.

Upon request, Newport will issue a formal quotation, which will be based on the exact product requirements and other information provided by the requestor and evaluated by Newport and will be subject to Newport’s terms and conditions of sale. To request a formal quotation for Newport products, please contact your Newport sales representative or Newport’s Customer Care Department at 1-877-835-9620 or 1-949-863-3144. You can find your local Newport sales representative by visiting our sales contact page at

While reasonable efforts have been made to provide accurate estimates through the Estimator Tool, Newport makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of the Estimator Tool or the pricing and other information contained in any ROM estimate, and Newport shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs or expenses whatsoever resulting from any use of or reliance on the Estimator Tool or any ROM estimate. Nothing contained in the Estimator Tool or the ROM estimate shall constitute any representation or warranty by Newport, express or implied, regarding the products described therein. Any and all representations, warranties and obligations of Newport with respect to its products shall be as set forth in Newport’s terms and conditions of sale in effect at the time of sale of such products. Newport does not guarantee the availability of any products and reserves the right to discontinue or modify its products at any time.