Published Articles

Article Title Magazine/Website Publication Date
Putting Tunable Light Sources to the Test Photonics Spectra February 2016
Newport Certifies Record Solar Cell Efficiency Laser Focus World December 2015
High-resolution 3D Printing for Drug Delivery March 2015
Tuning for Resonances - Widely Tunable Diode Lasers Advance Microresonator Research Laser Technik Journal January 2015
Optical Delay Lines: Key to Time-Resolved Measurements Photonics Spectra December 2014
Keeping Optical Tables Steady Photonics Spectra October 2014
Motion Control: Software Supports Multiple Optical Fiber Alignment Options Laser Focus World June 2014
Simplifying STED Microscopy of Photostable Red-emitting Labels Laser+Photonik May 2013
Hybrid Laser Improves Micromachining Throughput, Quality Photonics Spectra May 2013
UV Lasers Improve PCB Manufacturing Processes Laser Focus World November 2012
Investigating PCB Processing Using Q-Switched DPSS ns Green Laser ICALEO October 2012
High-quality, High-speed Micromachining with Short Pulse Lasers Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing September 2012
DPSS Lasers Overcome Glass Process Challenges Photonics Spectra September 2012
Two-Photon Microscopy/Multimodal Imaging: Femtosecond Laser Developments Advance Two-Photon Imaging Bio Optics World July/August 2012
DPSS Lasers Give Medical Device Manufacturing an Edge Photonics Spectra July 2012
Ensuring Safe Operation and Accurate Characterization of Laser Diodes Photonic Tech Briefs July 2012
Ultrafast lasers Improve Efficiency of CIS Thin-film Solar Cells Laser Focus World June 2012
UHV Environments Require More From Motion Systems Laser Focus World May 2012
Proper Load Distribution Ensures Stable Operation Photonics Spectra December 2011
Meeting Measurement Challenges For Low-Power, Pulsed, or Modulated Light Sources Photonics Online November 2011
5 W Green Q-Switched DPSS Laser Improves Marking Photonics Spectra October 2011
Efficient Use of Short Pulse Width Laser for Maximum Material Removal Rate ICALEO October 2011
Taking Multiphoton Imaging to New Depths BioPhotonics October 2011
High-Speed Fabrication of Laser Doping Selective Emitter Solar Cells Using 532nm Continuous Wave (CW) and Mode-Locked Quasi-CW Laser Sources EU PVSEC September 2011
Vibration Isolation in Optical Test Systems Photonics Tech Briefs September 2011
Optimization of UV Laser Scribing Process for Light Emitting Diode Sapphire Wafers Journal of Laser Applications August 2011
CMOS Cameras Allow Robust Active Stabilization of Laser Beam Laser Focus World August 2011
Lasers Speed Solar Cell Production Laser Focus World July 2011
Standards For Simulators Can Vary Widely Photonics Online June 2011
Interferometry: Emerging Applications Push Receivers to Higher Speeds Laser Focus World June 2011
Thin Film Laser Scribing for PV Manufacturing: Part 2 Solar Novus Today June 2011
Thin Film Laser Scribing for PV Manufacturing: Part 1 Solar Novus Today May 2011
How To Minimize Measurement Errors In Solar Cell Testing Solar Industry March 2011
Beam Profile Effect for Thin Film Solar Cell Scribing Industrial Laser Solutions November 2010
ULTRAFAST LASERS: Advanced Synchronization Techniques Enable Novel Ultrafast Science Laser Focus World November 2010
Multiphoton Microscopy: Turnkey Femtosecond Lasers Fuel Growth of Multiphoton Imaging Laser Focus World October 2010
Diode-Pumped Solid State UV Lasers Improve LED Sapphire Wafer Scribing Photonics Spectra October 2010
Optimization of UV Laser Scribing Process for LED Sapphire Wafers ICALEO September 2010
Scientific Applications Benefit from External-cavity Diode Lasers Laser Focus World September 2010
Calibrating Photovoltaic Cells Photonic Tech Briefs September 2010
The Ti:Sapphire Laser Photonics Spectra July 2010
Mounting Quality Counts Photonics Spectra July 2010
Is Vibration Control Really Necessary for Microscopy? BioPhotonics July 2010
18.5% Laser-doped solar cell on CZ P-type Silicon IEEE PVSC June 2010
How to Determine Your Equipment Needs Laser Focus World June 2010
The Ti:Sapphire Laser - The Flexible Research Tool Nature Photonics May 2010
Why M2 Matters: Better Beam Quality = Robust Laser Scribing Industrial Laser Solutions May 2010
NANOPOSITIONERS: Nanopositioning equipment answers the call from the world of the very small Laser Focus World May 2010
Thin Film Removal Mechanisms in ns Laser Processing of Photovoltaic Materials Thin Solid Films March 2010
Standards For Simulators Can Vary Widely Solar Industry March 2010
Automated Alignment Keeps Z Machine on Target. Laser Focus World March 2010
Highest-speed dicing of thin silicon wafers with nanosecond-pulse 355nm q-switched laser source using line-focus fluence optimization technique Proc.SPIE 7585 February 2010
Advantages of Using DPSS ns Laser with a Gaussain Beam Shape for Scribing Thin Film Photvoltaic Panels ICALEO October 2009
PHOTOVOLTAICS: Measuring the 'Sun'. Laser Focus World June 2009
Laser-diode Power-supply Basics: Performance Depends on Specification. Laser Focus World February 2009
Optical-table Basics: From Breadboards to Active Vibration-control Systems. Laser Focus World March 2009
Chemical Mapping of Three-dimensional Microstructures Fabricated by Two-photon Polymerization Using CARS Microscopy. Proc. SPIE 7201 February 2009
Effects of Pulse Duration on the ns-laser Pulse Induced Removal of Thin Film Materials Used in Photovoltaics. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers March 2009
Effective Vibration Reduction Stabilizes Laser Beams. Laser Focus World August 2008
High Power UV Q-switched and Mode-locked Laser Comparisons for Industrial Processing Applications. Proc. SPIE 6871 February 2008
Laser Scribing: A Key Enabling Technology for Manufacturing of Low Cost Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells ICALEO October 2007
High-Power ns-Pulsed Q-switched Laser Technology with Flattop Beam-Shaping Technique for Efficient Industrial Laser Processing ICALEO October 2007
Processing Benefits of High Repetition Rate and High Average Power 355 nm Laser for Micromachining of Microelectronics Packaging Materials. Proc. SPIE 6459 March 2007
PHOTOVOLTAICS: Enhancements Enable Solar Simulators to Shed Light on New Photovoltaic Designs. Laser Focus World March 2007
Lasers May Brighten the Solar Cell Market. Photonics Spectra June 2007
Ultrafast,Ultrawide-Band Spectroscopy. Biophotonics International February 2007
Dispersion Compensation Sharpens Multiphoton Microscopy. Laser Focus World January 2007
Seeing Deeper with Multiphoton Microscopy. Biophotonics International January 2007
Table Improves Optical Systems from the Ground Up. Laser Focus World December 2006
DPSS UV Lasers Improve Mass Spectrometry and Laser Microdissection. Biophotonics International January 2006
The Top Five Motion Application Mistakes... and How to Avoid Making Them. Photonics Spectra November 2005
Photonic-crystal Fibers Have Many Uses. Optoelectronics World August 2004
Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alignment System. WDM Solutions February 2004
Spectral Processor and ASE Source Aid Fiber Sensing. Laser Focus World January 2004
Next-generation Electronics Packaging Using Flip Chip Technology. Advanced Packaging November 2003
Hybrids and Microwave Module Assembly. Advanced Packaging October 2003
Specifications Don't Always Tell The Whole Story. Laser Focus World August 2003
Yield Improvements Depend on Choosing the Right Approach. Optical Manufacturing July 2002
Standards Will Lead the Way to a Successful Future. Optical Manufacturing July 2002
Specifying Fiber Alignment System Performance. NASA Tech Briefs June 2002
Fast-Steering Mirrors Improve Active Beam Stabilization. Optoelectronics World October 2001
Software Requirements for High-Volume Fiber-Optic Component Manufacturing. Lightwave March 2001
Laser Diode Controllers. Photonics Spectra January 2001
Photo-EMF Detector Enables Laser Ultrasonic Receiver. Laser Focus World August 2000
Automated Manufacturing Systems for High-Volume Packaging of Fiber-Optic Components. Lightwave August 2000
To Manufacture More, Automate. Photonics Spectra June 2000
Automation Streamlines Assembly and Test. WDM/Laser Focus World June 2000
Specialized Systems Characterize Laser Diodes. Laser Focus World April 2000
Faster Photodiodes Meet Variety of Applications. Laser Focus World August 1999
Diodes Storm the Tunable. Photonics Tech Briefs January 1999
Optical Mounts: Ignore Them at Your Peril. Photonics Spectra September 1998
Innovative Photoreceivers Simplify Measurements Laser Focus World September 1998
Automated tests improve laser diode manufacturing. Laser Focus World August 1998
External Cavity Diode Lasers Provide Absolute Reference for WDM Testing. Laser Focus World June 1998
Demand for High-speed Detectors Drives Research Laser Focus World April 1998
Microwelding Automates Packaging of Diode Lasers. Laser Focus World March 1998
Tunable Diode Lasers Lasers & Optronics March 1998
Large Gimbal Mount Enables Focal-Plane Testing. Motion Control Tech Briefs February 1998
Take the Guesswork Out of Planar Optics Pigtailing. LightWAVE February 1998
Motion-control Systems Gain Flexibility. Laser Focus World December 1997
Optical Fabrication Relies on Tried and True Methods. Laser Focus World October 1997
Astigmatic Mirror Multipass Absorption Cells for Long-path-length Spectroscopy Applied Optics June 1995
Generating Microwaves with Diode Lasers Lasers and Optronics July 1994
Selection and Application of High-Speed Photodetectors R.A. Marsland 1993
Sub-Hz Relative Frequency Stabilization of Two Diode Laser Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers Locked to a Fabry Perot Interferometer IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics April 1992
Comparison of Fast Photodetector Response Measurements by Optical Heterodyne and Pulse Response Techniques Journal of Lightwave Technology October 1991
Interferometric Measurements of Femtosecond Group Delay in Optical Components Optics Letters July 1988
Monolithic Integrated Circuits for Millimeter Wave Instrumentation GaAs IC Symposium N/A
Optical Generation of Frequency Stable mm-wave Radiation Using Diode Laser Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers T. Day and R.A. Marsland N/A