Vibration Isolator Selection Guide

Newport's broad offering of vibration isolation solutions includes active, passive, and elastomeric Vibration Isolators. Our S-2000 series pneumatic vibration isolator is the industry standard for vibration isolator performance and our broad offering of OEM vibration isolators are preferred by the world's leading semiconductor equipment, microscope and diagnostic instrument manufacturers. Our elastomeric vibration isolator solutions are preferred by the leading photovoltaic (PV) system integrators and metrology instrument manufacturers for their excellent balance of high load capacity, damping and vibration isolation performance.

We provide three application types for S-2000 Stabilizer™ Series vibration isolators: standard, cleanroom and non-magnetic to suit your various needs. With hybrid chamber design and laminar flow disks, the S-2000 vibration isolator provides you with industry leading vibration isolation performance, and is currently the one and only vibration isolator in the market that has an integrated, mechanical height adjustment system to allow improved table leveling, height control and compensation for non-level floors. For all S-2000 series vibration isolators we have also integrated built-in leveling indicators providing visual feedback ensuring the table is properly floating at the correct level.

Among our broad offerings of pneumatic vibration isolators there are also compact and OEM suitable I-500 series vibration isolator, economic LabLegs™ Air Mount Vibration Isolators and many others. Those vibration isolators use sealed air chamber to provide outstanding performance for your vibration isolation application.

Apart from pneumatic vibration isolator option, we provide mechanical, elastomeric vibration isolator and rigid table legs products. Check out the Vibration Control Playlist of our Newport YouTube Channel for a live demonstration of how our vibration isolation products work!

Selecting a Vibration Isolator

Click Vibration Isolators to shop or browse all of our standard models, or select a product family below to learn more about our products and capabilities. We also offer a complete line of Optical Tables. For an overview of Newport Vibration Control capabilities, click Vibration Control Overview .

Series Resonant Frequency Vertical/Horizontal Load Range (Per 4 Isolators) Application
S-2000 black-S S-2000 Stabilizer™ Series
Vibration Isolator with Automatic Re-Leveling
1 Hz / 1.5 Hz 660–8000 lb (300–3636 kg) • High-resolution experiments and processes
• Electro-optical experiments and systems
• Interferometry, spectroscopy applications
Standard Version
S-2000 white-S
Cleanroom Version
S-2000 grey-S
Non-magnetic Version
VC-sl_series_lablegs-S SL Series LabLegs™
Air Mount Vibration Isolator
3.2 Hz / 1.5 Hz 600–4800 lb (300–2180 kg) • Experiments requiring lower levels of vibration isolation with total loads less than 4800 lbs on a four leg system
VC-i500-S I-500 Series
Pneumatic Vibration Isolators
1.6 Hz / 1.5 Hz 500–2000 lbs (225–900 kg) • Fast response, fast settling time
• Excellent for moving loads
VC-cm-225-S CM-225
Compact Pneumatic Vibration Isolator with Self-Leveling
3.5 Hz / 3.5 Hz 50–225 lb (22–100 kg) • Very low profile requirements
VC-slm_series_2-S SLM Series
Compact Air Mount without Self Leveling
3.5 Hz (Vertical) 100–19,200 lb (45–8727 kg) • Support equipment frames and breadboards
Vibe_Isolator VIBe™ VIB320 Series
Mechanical Vibration Isolators
6.7 Hz / 6.3 Hz 8–720 lb (4–326 kg) • Ideal for isolating microscopes and other sensitive lab instruments
VC-nd01_series-S NewDamp™ Series
Constant Natural Frequency Elastomeric Vibration Isolators
9 Hz / 4 Hz 52–1800 lb (24–800 kg) • Excellent for applications that do not require the wider, low frequency isolation bandwidth of pneumatic or active isolation systems
VC-rl_series_lablegs-S RL Series LabLegs™
Rigid Optical Table Support
55 Hz / 45 Hz 100–8000 lbs (45–3636 kg) • Equipment requiring non-isolated, high rigidity platforms
• Experiments requiring table to table beam pointing

Vibration Isolator Accessories

Series Features
VC-acgp-S Air Compression Systems & Accessories for Pneumatic Isolators Air compressors and leveling valves for optical table system
VC-lablegs_upgrdkit-S LabLegs™ Upgrade Kits LabLeg accessories for upgrade

Learn More About Newport Vibration Isolators

When you choose Newport Vibration Control solutions, you have chosen not only high quality and perforamance products, but also our committed product support. Newport's experienced support engineers will be glad to help you determine which product suits your needs. Simply call 877-835-9620, or click Contact Us to submit your feedback or questions.

Please be sure to check out Newport's Tutorials , and the videos in our Vibration Control YouTube Playlist to learn more about our products.

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