Vibration Control - Custom and OEM Solutions

Newport's extensive manufacturing capabilities to deliver customized, damped platforms used for laser research, microscope workstations and optical platforms spans over 40 years. Our capabilities include custom shaped granite, honeycomb or Invar structures, nonmagnetic honeycomb tables, cleanroom and vacuum compatible structures with wither broadband or tune dampers for optimal stability and vibration reduction. Newport is the first source for many of the world's leading optical scientists who require complex honeycomb structures for applications including optical tables, high power laser platforms, rigid assembly and test fixtures or space-based vacuum platforms.

Common Special Features

Doubled Table Tops
Cradle Systems
Less Magnetic Table Tops
Cleanroom Compatible Table Tops
Vacuum Compatible Table Tops
Legs / Rigid Supports
Same As Except Table Tops
Extreme Temperature Compatible Table Tops
XP Rigid Posts & X95 Rail

Gallery, Configurator and General Information

Vibration Control Specials Gallery
Custom Optical Table and Breadboard Configurator
Custom Honeycomb Structures
Optics Based Research - The Need for Vibration Isolated Rigid Support Structures