This webpage provides a full listing of all Newport Tutorials. From Vibration Control to better understanding Optical Measurements, self education has never been easier. Study the provided tutorials to make your experimental approach your best yet.

Vibration Control
VC-Torsion mode_large-S Alum honey compliance-S Ideal Rig Body-S Max Rel Mo FormulaAI-S Static Def 2 50p-S Fig 2 tbltop ben-S
Fundamentals of Vibration Understanding the Compliance Curve How to Approximate an Optical Table’s “Ideal Rigid Body” Line About Optical Table Performance Specifications Why Honeycomb Structures Deflect Less Than Solid Structures Approximating Real-World Beam Deflection
Light Sources
LS-042a LS-155a LS-163a LS-015a LS-012a LS-014a
Calculating Output Power Introduction to Solar Radiation Photochemistry and Photobiology Light Collection and Systems Throughput Laws of Radiation Pulsed Radiation
Light Analysis
819-ISLaserDiodePow-S LBP2 Capture PH-7308-S 3-35-S 818-Cal-Mod Tutorial chart 1a-S
Optical Power Measurement How to Ensure Accuracy in Laser Beam Profiling? InGaAs vs Ge IR Detectors NIST Traceable Spectral Responsivity Calibration of Photodiode Detectors Newport Power Meter and Detector Legacy and Compatibility High Speed Detectors
919P-10A-sensors Pwr Mtr 1918-R_919P-Detector
Thermopile Laser Power Sensor Technology Tutorial How to Measure Accurately Using a Thermopile Detector
Fiber Optics
Optical Fiber-S Tut_pol_fig1
Fiber Optic Basics Polarization in Fiber Optics
Motion Control
picoarrow1a Spring equation
´╗┐How the Picomotor Actuator Works Minimizing Drift
Spectroscopy Instruments
BPT-pg4-7b DivSec6b Example 1 a DivSec6aLo-Res Figure 2-5 BPT-pg4-75a
Getting Light into a Monochromator Grating Physics Calculating Monochromator Throughput Calibrating Cornerstone Monochromators and MS260i Spectrographs Bandpass of a Spectrograph Resolution of Monochromators and Spectrographs
77737-FRONT 77855-INSERT IMG_0383 70682-NS BPT-pg4-96a
Blocking Higher Order Radiation Coupling a Fiber to the MS257 Determining the Maximum Achievable Wavelength of a Monochromator or Spectrograph An Introduction to Integrating Spheres F Number Matching for Monochromator to Fiber Coupling
Fig1LD_Monitor Photo-S
Laser Diode Technology
Manual Positioners
Introduction to Positioning Equipment