Technology and Applications Center

Newport's Technology and Applications Center (TAC) develops application-specific solutions for our customers in the research and scientific market. Using our own in-house expertise and collaborative relationships with key educational institutions, the members of this team develop complete solutions and systems that help our customers remain on the cutting edge. They collect data, conduct experiments and publish technical articles, application notes and tutorials.

Technology and Applications Center Staff
Zadoyan Baldachini MatthewKelley
Dr. Ruben Zadoyan
Senior Director, Advanced Product Development
Dr. Tommaso Baldacchini
Staff Scientist
Dr. Matthew Kelley
Senior Scientist
Ph.D. in Physics from Moscow State University, Russia
Expertise: Nonlinear Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Lasers, Laser-Matter Interaction, Ultrafast Biomedical Applications
Ph.D. in Chemistry from Boston College; Post Doc at Harvard University
Expertise: Nano-Machining, Nonlinear Optics, Nonlinear Microscopy, Ultrafast Lasers
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology
Expertise: Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Lasers, Microwave Spectroscopy, Astrochemistry
ODonnell Snider JohnNunn
Matthew O'Donnell
Senior Applications Engineer
Scott Snider
Mechanical Engineer II
John Nunn
Senior Systems Design Engineer
M.S. in Physics from California State University, Long Beach
Expertise: Characterization of Novel Research Photovoltaic Devices and Indoor Calibration of Solar Reference Cells, Irradiance Sensors, and Photodiodes
B.S. Optical Science and Engineering & B.S. Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Davis
Expertise: Opto-Mechanical System Design
M.S. in Physics from California State University, Long Beach
Expertise: Opto-Mechanical Automated Systems, Software and Process Design
Clench Carter GregoryMaisch
Bill Clench
Senior Software Development Engineer
John Carter
Senior Test Engineer
Gregory Maisch
Mechanical Engineering Intern

B.S. in Computer Science from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Expertise: Test Software, LabVIEW Programming Language.
TAC Product Line Management and Engineering Support
Expertise: Opto-Mechanical Systems
Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Student at California State University, Fullerton
Internship: Opto-Mechanical System Design