Replicated Optics

35 Years of Replicated Mirror Manufacturing Excellence

Since 1977, Newport's Franklin facility has been supplying Opticon™ brand replicated mirrors and optics that surpass functional performance expectations and provide maximized ease of use and minimized cost. From production quantity optics for OEM instrumentation to one-off mirrors for aerospace programs, Opticon™ is recognized as an industry leader for custom high-precision replicated optics.

Whether it's a simple, spherical, front-surface mirror in quantities of thousands per year or a one meter diameter aspheric mirror on a composite substrate, our unique combination of opto-mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and testing expertise ensure that the finished products will consistently meet all of the user's expectations.

OEM Replicated Optics

Whether the goal is aircraft assembly inspection, or pharmaceutical manufacturing raw-material analysis, Newport replicated mirrors are a key enabler of measurement and control technology. Our applications experience gives us an unsurpassed capability to serve the needs of OEM customers from design to high-volume production. Our OEM expertise enhances our ability to serve end-users who require custom products as well. The majority of the replicated mirrors that we supply are custom designed and manufactured. In addition to our OEM and custom products, we offer a wide variety of standard catalog products.

Replicated Optics Capabilities

While Newport’s replicated mirror business is capable of fabricating replicated mirrors onto conventional glass optics, our specialty lies in fabrication of metal, ceramic, or composite optics that can incorporate integral mounts, adjustments, and other features. By eliminating separate mounting structures and working with materials other than glass, optical systems can be made lighter, more thermally stable, and more rigid, while facilitating assembly and increasing repeatability. Our unique manufacturing processes allow substrate designs that would not otherwise be feasible, and mirror surfaces can be placed in locations that would otherwise be impossible.

Standard Replicated Optics Product Categories

Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors Reflective Microscope Objectives Off-Axis Replicated Parabolic Mirrors
FG-rep_5_rect-S FG-refl_objective-S FG-rep_offaxis_para-S