Physics Blogroll

Below we list our favorite Physics Blogs. The list is constantly under construction. If you have a great, or know of a great physics blog that we have left out for some reason, please let us know by using our Web Feedback Form so we can keep improving our Physics Blogroll. We also list helpful physics research links on the right sidebar.

General Physics Astrophysics Particle Physics
Dicks Reality Astronomy Blog Resonaances
The Reference Frame Asymptotia Not Even Wrong
Science After Sunclipse Bad Astronomy Life as a Physicist
Next Big Future In the Dark Quantum Diaries
Physics Forums Insights Systemic Symmetry Breaking
The Physics Water Cooler Hogg's Research viXra Log
Physics and Physicists Tom's Astronomy Blog US/LHS
Dot.Physics Starts With A Bang! Coffee Shop Physics
Antimatter JPL Blog Life on the Lattice
Bubbles Bad; Ripples Good Cumbrian Sky Musings Mathematical and Otherwise
Physics arXiv Blog Centauri Dreams
Quantum Physics Quantum Computing Mathematical Physics
Matt Leifer Quantum Bayesian Networks Annoying Precision
U.Duality Quantum Moxie Gower's Weblog
FQXi Blogs Godel's Lost Letter n-Category Cafe
Minus Two Fish Cohaerence* Secret Blogging Seminar
Rose.Blog Combinatorics and more
Shtetl-Optimized Computational Complexity
Theoretical Physics Condensed Matter Physics Optics
Backreaction Nanoscale Views Skulls in the Stars
The Gauge Connection Tobias Osborne Optics Confidential
Theoretical Atlas
Hack A Day