OEM/Custom Solutions For Precision Optics

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Newport Precision Optics processes a full spectrum of optics and optical components. When high performance, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing are important, Newport Precision Optics offers a wide range of capabilities to meet your challenging specifications.

  • 100nm to 2µm
  • High laser-induced damage threshold >25J/cm²
  • Various substrate shapes processed including flat, spherical, aspheric, cylindrical, and right-angle prisms
  • 5mm- 152mm lens diameter
  • Surface figures to λ/40
  • Scratch-Dig 5/2 or better
  • Surface roughness to ~2 Å
  • 24” flat optics
  • Substrate materials include
  • Fused silica
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Sapphire
  • Zinc selenide
  • Zerodur™
  • Quartz
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Broad range of glasses
  • Germanium
  • Silicon
  • Zinc sulfide
  • Nickel plated aluminum & beryllium
  • Others


Newport Precision Optics utilizes a variety of manufacturing process to provide the optimum solution for your specification:

  • Cylindrical, spherical & aspherical processing
  • 3-axis magnetroreoligical finishing (MRF)
  • Spiral and raster capabilities (round and or square shapes)
  • Diamond turning
  • Flow benches & nitrogen-purge cabinets
  • Full array of shaping, grinding and polishing equipment
  • In-house tooling design and fabrication capability
  • Vibration control
  • UV, DUV, and EUV photocontamination control / high-purity aqueous clean line
  • Multiple interferometers; ZYGO, Davidson, 4D, and many others

Diamond Turning

Newport Precision Optics has served customers with high-quality, precision diamond-turned components for many years for a wide range of applications.

Capabilities include:

  • 4-axis diamond-turning capabilities for complex optical surfaces and mechanical interfaces
  • Diamond fly cutter
  • Reflective & transmissive infrared materials
  • High-quality optical surfaces
  • Surface irregularity to λ /10
  • Surface roughness < 30 Å
  • Supported by advanced metrology capability
  • Sphere, asphere, parabola, diffractive optical elements, custom shapes, domes
  • Aluminum, copper, nickel, germanium, silicon, calcium fluoride, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, Cleartran®

Deep-UV Specialty

Newport Precision Optics has developed specialized, proprietary processes for coating deep-UV, 193 nm optics. These coatings withstand the most extreme testing including laser-induced damage threshold and survive over 50 billion pulses.

Deep-UV coating technology:

  • High-damage coating down to 193 nm
  • Strict photocontamination control
  • Zygo interferometer and 193 nm assembly line within class-100 cleanroom
  • Sophisticated and disciplined cleaning and handling practices
  • 193 nm laser metrology
  • Measure % transmission and % reflectance for polarized light at any angle of incidence with high degree of accuracy
  • Wavefront measurement with Shack-Hartmann™ sensor
  • Measure % absorption at 193 nm
  • Precision-polishing capability for all UV materials

Thin-Film Coating

Newport Precision Optics brings over 40 years experience in custom thin-film technology offering a complete range of custom coating types, from reflectors to broadband antireflection.

Technologies include: Coating Characteristics
E-B: Electron-beam deposition Damage-resistant coatings, power stability and long lifetime
IBS: Ion-beam sputtering Environmentally stable, long component lifetime
IAD: Ion-assisted E-beam deposition Contamination-insensitive coatings
PVD: Resistance source evaporation Broad experience with wide-ranges of oxides and fluorides
MS: Magnetron sputtering Durable, broadband antireflection coatings
APS: Advanced plasma source Enhanced metallic-coating reflectivity with dielectrics

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