Newport Vacuum Compatible Products

Vacuum Compatible Systems

As a world leading supplier of vacuum compatible motion systems, Newport offers vacuum opto-mechanics, manual positioning, motorized positioning and vibration control solutions. With a large catalogue of standard vacuum products, selecting an optimal vacuum stage or component for your application is easy. For vacuum applications requiring integrated motion systems or products, Newport technical staff can direct you to the best combination of vacuum products to optimize performance to your application. To explore standard products for motion in vacuum, see below.

Newport has technical sales staff available to help you determine the optimal system configuration for your vacuum application. To discuss the requirements of your vacuum application, or call 1-877-835-9620.

Vacuum Compatible Motion Control

MC-nsa-12v6-S MC-AG-LS25_1_Silver MC-URS50&75BPPV6 3 8817
Vacuum Motorized Actuators Vacuum Motorized Linear Stages Vacuum Motorized Rotation Stages Vacuum Motorized Mirror Mounts

Vacuum Compatible Opto-Mechanics & Manual Positioners

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Vacuum Compatible Translation Stages Low-Outgassing Adjustment Screws Low-Outgassing Mirror Mounts Vacuum Compatible Alignment Stages