Motion Controller Selection Guide

Motion Control Solutions for Research and Industrial Environments

With 50 years of experience in delivering a wide array of high-performance motion solutions and systems into research and industrial environments, Newport has a motion control solution for almost any application. Newport controllers like the XPS are driving innovative motion systems on the leading edge of the semiconductor evolution to 450 mm wafer process. At the same time, compact Newport CONEX controllers are driving miniature stages and actuators in portable diagnostic equipment, advancing care in the Life and Health Sciences. The ESP301 continues to be an industry standard for Research and Development.

Selecting a Motion Controller

Newport ESP technology has been developed to make Newport stages and actuators effectively plug-and-play when used with compatible Newport controllers. The XPS Universal Motion contrroller has been developed with a configuration wizard utility for integrating third party stages and actuators and can be used with a variety of motor types, including: Linear, DC Servo, Stepper, Piezo, Voice Coils, and Galvos. This XPS also includes many Analog and Digital I/O for integration of supporting instrumentation.

Series Number of Axis ESP Stage Detection Display Compatible Motors Communications I/O
MC-XPS_XPS_RC-S XPS Series Motion Controllers Universal High-Performance Motion Controller/Driver 1 to 8 Yes Remote, GUI *DC, Brushless DC, Stepper, Peizo, Galvo and Voice coil Ethernet 4 Analog In, 4 Analog Out
30 TTL In, 30 TTL Out
MC-XPS-S Hexapod 6-Axis Parallel Kinematic Positioning System 6 Yes Remote, GUI HXP-MECA Ethernet 4 Analog In, 4 Analog Out
30 TTL In, 30 TTL Out
MC-ESP301_06_Position ESP301 Series 3 Axis Motion Controller/Driver 1 to 3 Yes Front Panel, GUI DC and Stepper USB, RS232, IEEE-488.1 16 TTL I/O
MC-SMC100CC-S SMC100 Single-Axis Motor Controller/Driver 1 Yes GUI DC or Stepper USB, RS232 1 Analog In
4 TTL In, 4 TTL Out
MC-nsc-200-S NewStep Expandable Motion Controller System 1 (up to 8 with NSC-SB) Configurable GUI Small Stepper USB, RS232 No

* Drivers for each motor type must be purchased separately. The XPS-DRV00P is required to control the drivers of 3rd-party galvos and voice coil motors.

Controllers with Integrated Stages

Series Number of Axis ESP Stage Detection Display Compatible Motors Communications I/O
MC-CONEX-BGS50CC CONEX Controllers with integrated Stages/Actuators 1 Yes GUI DC USB No
MC-FCL Family FC Series Intelligent Stepper Motor Stages 1 Yes GUI Stepper USB, RS422 No

Additional XPS Motion Controller Capabilities

  • Advanced synchronized motion and contouring
  • Advanced trajectories
  • Advanced error compensation
  • Advanced events and triggers
  • Advanced data acquisition and position capture

Additional ESP301 Motion Controller Capabilities

  • Advanced synchronized motion and contouring
  • Basic trajectories
  • Basic error compensation
  • Basic events and triggers