Custom Component Solutions

Need a Custom Version of a Standard Newport Product?

Newport Corporation’s Components Group has been supplying custom modified versions of our industry leading optical mounts, optical components and manual positioning products for over 25 years. Our custom products start with one of our standard models which is then modified for your specific application. We can alter the materials, our processes, or the model's design to meet your requirements.

For an overview of our custom components, view our Custom Component Solutions Brochure.

Optical Mounts and Manual Positioners

We can modify most of our optical mounts or manual positioning stages to provide a solution for your application. Typical custom modifications include:

  • Modify our optical mounts for non-standard sized optical components
  • Add higher tension or lower tension springs
  • Increase the travel range of manual stages
  • Add additional mechanical characteristics for your space constraints or mounting requirements

Vacuum and DUV Requirements

Do you have an adverse environment or technical application where our standard optical mounts and manual positioning stages are not compatible? We have developed proven processes to support some of today’s most challenging environments. Since 1997, Newport has been developing and modifying our catalog products to meet Vacuum Compatible (10-6 Torr) requirements. Since 2001, Newport has been developing materials, processes and infrastructure to support the the most stringent needs of UV and DUV for the Semi-Conductor Capital Equipment market. Building on this knowledge we can offer even more options for your specific needs. Our catalog optical mounts and manual positioning stages can now be modified for the following applications:

  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV)
  • High Energy Infrared / Pre-EUV Light Generation
  • Deep-Ultra Violet (DUV)
  • Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV)

Vacuum (10-6 Torr and 10-9 Torr)

U100-G2KV607SI50086M-DS25-X UHV

Left to Right: Model U100-G2K mirror mount modified for 10-6 Torr vacuum applications, Model M-36 Tilt and Rotation Platform modified for 10-9 Torr ultra-high vacuum applications, and Model M-DS25-X Compact Dovetail Linear Stage modified for 10-9 Ultra-High vacuum applications.

High Energy IR / Pre EUV and DUV (193-399 nm)


Stability Series Mirror Mount modified for high energy infrared, pre-EUV light generation applications (Left) and Model HVM-1i Vertical Drive Optical Mount modified for deep ultra-violet applications (Right).

Modified Standard Optics

Our extensive knowledge of optics, diverse product offering and global manufacturing and supply chain allows Newport to support your specific needs. Whether its size, shape, material or optical performance we can design the necessary changes and provide you with a solution. For OEM applications we can support prototypes and qualification orders. Once your part is qualified we can support volume production as required (1000+). Our wide range of custom optics capabilities include:

  • Wavelengths 400 to 2000 nm
  • Various substrate shapes processed including flat, spherical, aspheric, cylindrical, and right-angle prisms
  • Lens diameters of 5 to 152 mm
  • Surface figures to λ/20
  • Scratch-Dig 10/5 or better
  • Surface roughness to ~2 Å RMS

Optics Materials

  • UV Fused Silica
  • BK7
  • Borofloat
  • Zinc Selenide
  • ZerodurTM
  • Quartz
  • Germanium
  • Silicon
  • Zinc Sulfide
  • Various Filter Glass
OP-bbmetalmirrorsgld with sqOP-kpclens-SOptics-collage

Thin-Film Coating

Newport Corporation brings over 40 years experience in custom thin-film technology offering a complete range of custom coating types, from reflectors to broadband antireflection.


Global Optics Manufacturing and Supply Network

Whether you’re doing business in North America, Europe or Asia we have global Newport manufacturing sites and supply partners that can manufacture high volume optical components at competitive prices. Newport's optics manufacturing locations are listed below:

  • Irvine, CA
  • Franklin, MA
  • Rochester, NY
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Wuxi, China