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Newport Custom Components

  • Off-the-Shelf Solutions to Customized Designs
  • Experts in Opto-Mechanical Design and Testing
  • Fast Prototyping or Modifications
  • World Class Operations, Quality, and On-Time Delivery

Why Partner with Newport for your Custom and OEM Designs?

Newport Corporation has been partnering with companies like yours for over 40 years. Together, amazing results for your assembly and device is achieved. If one of Newport’s thousands of standard products does not quite match your requirements, our experienced engineering team will design what you need. The relationship does not stop at just designing your custom component. Newport can use our extensive analytical and experimental prototype testing to ensure the designed part works in your application and environment. Once you know the unique design satisfies your requirements, you can be confident in leveraging Newport’s ability to ramp production with our global supply chain. Newport can assist you with your OEM needs throughout the entire process which lowers your project risk while extending the frontiers of science and technology.

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Decades of Design Experience
Customer-Meeting Having designed thousands of the industry’s best optical mounts, the Newport engineering team has decades of experience to develop custom mount solutions that meet your performance and budget requirements. Because of Newport’s size and flexibility, the engineers working with you can make a small modification to a standard part, combine features from multiple parts, or deliver a completely custom part. We have been satisfying custom component customers for more than 40 years. Industrial Mirror Mounts
Extensive Product Testing Capability
Newport’s experience and capabilities help customers solve their structural design, vibration control, and thermal stability challenges. Working with you, Newport enables better design decisions, because we understand the many trade-offs when working towards a better design. For example, our in-house thermal and vibration testing facilities provide real data so designs can be physically validated. These tests are shared so that you understand the products and components to the level you need to achieve project success. Then, after the prototype has been built, the in-house testing verifies the component's performance will meet your requirements. Product Img SX254Test results Run
Prototype to Production
Prototying Assembly Newport has the in-house protoyping and pilot production capabilities to quickly deliver working prototypes so you can move forward with your own design process. After working with you, Newport can quickly ramp production of your custom component. Our team knows that rapid response and communication is critical to your success.

Full ISO certification across all our factories ensures that you receive the highest quality components for your application. Newport’s world-class supply chain can source globally and produce locally to keep costs to a minimum and deliveries on-time.

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