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Spectra-Physics is the industry leader in high reliability, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers for microelectronics, life and health science, industrial and scientific markets. Spectra-Physics' continuous wave (CW) and quasi-continuous wave (Quasi-CW) lasers are built for 24/7 hands-off, reliable operation and low cost of ownership. With a broad selection spanning IR to UV wavelengths, power levels from mW to W, and CW and mode-locked quasi-CW, Spectra-Physics has the right laser solution for your most demanding applications.

Millennia eV MILLENNIA EDGE Vanguard 2pt5 W-S_white_bckgrnd
*NEW* Millennia eV CW DPSS Lasers Millennia Edge CW DPSS Lasers Vanguard Quasi-CW Mode-Locked UV DPSS Lasers
Excelsior Family August 2009 Excelsior One Color
Excelsior CW Lasers (Scientific CDRH Lasers) *NEW* Excelsior One Compact CW Lasers (OEM Lasers)