Application Solutions

Application Specific Solutions for Research Customers

Newport's Technology and Applications Center (TAC) develops application-specific solutions for our research customers. Current activities of the TAC are focused in the areas of Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, ultrafast micromachining, and Test and Characterization of photovoltaic solar cells. Using in-house expertise and collaborations with key educational institutions, the members of this team develop application solutions, write Application Notes and publish articles in peer reviewed journals. TAC has integrated Newport products into a number of stand alone devices in the form of kits. Super continuum generation, CARS microspectrometer, characterization and attenuation of ultrafast laser pulses and Two-photon polymerization are a few of the examples of complete solutions developed by TAC members. For more information please click on one of the product links and/or visit the Technology and Applications Center page.

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