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Application Solutions
Man_Var_Att_LasKit1 Long Scan Auto Computer Controlled Variable Atten Comp Cont Variable Attenuator BPAE_001 Fig 7.8
App Note 26: Variable Attenuator for Lasers App Note 27: Long Scan Autocorrelator App Note 30: Computer Controlled Variable Attenuator for Tunable Lasers App Note 31: Computer Controlled Variable Attenuator for Lasers App Note 32: Two-Photon Excited Flourescence Microscopy App Note 33: Amplitude and Phase Characterization of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
fig 3.1 btm Figure 3 IMG_0169 Figure-3b fig 4 app note 37 App38thumbnail Fig 4
App Note 34: Z-Scan for the Characterization of Transparent Optical Materials App Note 35: Spectral Broadening and Temporal Compression of Ultrashort Pulses in a Gas Cell App Note 36: Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer App Note 37: Three-Dimensional Microfabrication by Two-Photon Polymerization App Note 38: Automated Control of Amplified Pulse Duration Using the Dazzler™ / DazScope™ Solution App Note 39: Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing
App 40 Fig 9 Beam path in actual layout Thz-Spectrometer-Front App 47-Figure3 Burst Picker Beam
App Note 40: Photoresponse Mapping of Photovoltaic Cells App Note 42: Raman Microspectrometer App Note 44: Terahertz Spectrometer based on Generation of Ultrafast Terahertz Pulses in Air Plasma App Note 47: The Challenge of Making Reliable Solar Cell Measurements App Note 50 - Burst Picker
LS-terms_units TechRef Near field 1550 nm SP-Mai Tai 8-07 SP-Spitfire-S TG Cartoon_2007
App note 1: Test and Characterization of Laser Diodes: Determination of Principal Parameters Application Note 8: Swept Wavelength Testing Real-Time Wavelength Trimming of WDM Muxes App Note 12: Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method App Note 41: Multimodal Ultrafast Spectroscopy System Based on a 35 Femtosecond Ti:Saphhire CPA Laser App Note 43: Synchronization of Two Spectra-Physics Spitfire Pro Amplifiers for Pump-Probe Experiments Phase-Shifting Interferometry for Determining Optical Surface Quality
TechRef 6600 tuning linearity graph_2006 App-note-15-Fig1 fig1_RbAbsorption App note 10 drwgsB-2005 tuning linearity
Application Note 9: Swept Wavelength Testing Measuring Fiber-Bragg-Grating Temperature Drift Application Note 13: Swept Wavelength Testing Characterizing the Tuning Linearity of Tunable Laser Sources Introduction to Laser Frequency Stabilization FM Spectroscopy With Tunable Diode Lasers Swept-Wavelength Testing: Saving Time and Bringing Real-Time Process Control to the Manufacturing Environment Swept-Wavelength Testing: Insights Into Swept-Wavelength Characterization of Passive Fiber-Optic Components
jilavelo TLB-6700 with laser Fluorescence Emitted App 59 Front cover image
Tunable Lasers Applications to Spark Your Imagination App Note 53: Characterization of an Optical Microresonator Using a TLB-6700 Velocity Widely Tunable Diode Laser Injection Locking of New Focus Lasers for 100+ mW of Power at 461 nm App Note 59: Frequency Comb Research Advances Using Tunable Diode Lasers
Motion Control
99-PICOSTEP OP-fsm-300_320_front-S-183 VC-rs_series-WEB GCMS Overview_Larger_2006 Michelson_demo_00133 8095algn
Origin of Motion Control Specifications Fast Steering Mirror Technology for Active Beam Stabilization Active Beam Stabilization Between Optical Tables Vacuum-Compatibility and Ultraclean Applications The Michelson Interferometer Experimental Setup Applications of the Picomotor in the Semiconductor Industry
Motion Thumbnail - Ultrafast Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Motion App Note - Fiber Grating Inspection Motion App Note - Fiber Spool Winding Motion App Note - Holographic Grating Inspection Motion App Note - Laser Gated Imaging Motion App Note - Lithography Machine System
Ultrafast Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Fiber Grating Technology Fiber Spool Winding Holographic Grating Inspection Laser Gated Imaging Optical Lithography
Motion App Note - Testing MEMs based Accelerometer Motion App Note - XY Theta System MC-XPS_bk2-S Motion Thumbnail - ExtremelyLargeTelescopeMetrology Motion Thumbnail - Fiber Alignment Motion Thumbnail - GigapixelCameraTesting
MEMS Testing and Calibration Laser Scribing How to upgrade the XPS firmware version Extremely Large Telescope Metrology Fiber Alignment Gigapixel Camera Testing
Motion Thumbnail - Optical Biosensors Motion Thumbnail - Photon Echo Spectroscopy Motion Thumbnail - ScanningXrayFluorescence Motion Thumbnail - Space Optics Motion Thumbnail - Surface Metrology Motion Thumbnail - XM Series AOI
Optical Biosensors Photon Echo Spectroscopy Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Imaging Space Optics Testing and Metrology Non-Contact Optical Surface Metrology System High Speed Automated Optical Inspection
Motion Thumbnail - Beam Stabilization Motion Thumbnail - Ultrafast THz Pulse Scan Motion Thumbnail - Image Derotator Motion Thumbnail - Micromachining Motion App Note - Custom 2 axis gimbal MC-XMS100
Beam Stabilization Ultrafast THz Pulse Scan Newport Hexapod with Image Derotator Ultrafast Laser Micromachining with XYZ Custom Gimbal for Remote Sensor Testing Fiber Alignment Now Acheivable with Commercial Software
41591 odl-opt assy MC-LMBrochure PG9-2
Selecting delay lines for optical time-resolved measurements 5-Axis Laser Micromachining System
OP-hi_en_plate_bs-3-S OP-ultrafastprism-S-2 99 bereks linear to linear 2006 PDH laser stabilization modulator_1 3211_hivamp
Application Note 25 - Collimation Tester Application Note 29 - Prism Compressor for Ultrashort Laser Pulses App Note 3 Polarization and Polarization Control Phase and Amplitude Modulator Applications Practical Uses and Applications of Electro-Optic Modulators Application Note 12: Jitter and Jitter Testing for Modulator Drivers
Interferometric-fringe Faraday Isolator
Application Note 49 - Lloyd's Mirror Interferometer Application Note 54 - Feedback Prevention in Fiber Lasers with Optical Isolators
Optical Measurement
10-068-S Ap_01_Fig_05 Ap_14_Fig_01 TLM8700_ruler_1
Application Note 11: Temperature Monitoring Insights into High-Speed Detectors and High-Frequency Techniques A Survey of Methods Using Balanced Photodetection Application Note 46: Advanced Programmable Wavelength Markers For Swept Laser Based Test-Measurement Applications
Fiber Optics
TUBULAR-S Femtowhite
App note 20: Polarization Control and Measurement for Optical Fibers App Note 28: Supercontinuum Generation in SCG-800 Photonic Crystal Fiber
Light Sources
LS-pg9-63a LS-118NNa LS-042NN SOL_UV_Curve SOL_UV_Curve New_IQE_6960
Oriel® Light Sources in Mars Simulation Chamber Dermatological Applications Two-Dimensional (X-Y) Stiles-Crawford Effect Photo-Biological Testing Sol-UV for Photo-Safety Testing Application Note 51: Spectral Mismatch
Application Note 51: The Spectral Mismatch Factor
Laser Diode Control
3620B 3 QTR 17-188-S Fig 9 LI curve-S TechRef Fig 14 Mode Hop-S Dense WDM fig-S
Measuring and Reducing Noise Using the LDX-3620B Characterization of High Power Laser Diode Bars The Differences Between Threshold Current Calculation Methods Intensity Noise Performance of Semiconductor Lasers Mode Hopping in Semiconductor Lasers Modulating Laser Diodes
Vibration Control
Vibration Control Technology Enables Critical Improvement in Microscopy Applications